Mktg 205 Unit 4 Ip

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Name American Intercontinental University Unit 4 Individual Project MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing 05-20-12

Abstract In this paper the reader will learn about the marketing environment of kids safety training courses and products.

Introduction When marketing any kind of product, the producer should take in to consideration the elements that will impact their business. If they can come up with solutions to these problems then they products are more than likely to succeed.

Definition of Marketing My definition of marketing would be that it is the
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The first stage is problem recognition. This is where the consumer becomes aware that they need or want something. For example, say that the consumer is watching television and a commercial for new tennis shoes comes on, they now remember that they are in need of new shoes due to the fact their old ones are worn out. The second stage is information search. This stage is when the consumer thinks back to previous shoes that they have purchased, to get an idea of what they want their new shoes to provide for them such as comfort or style. The consumer also asks friends and family members what they prefer so the consumer can compare it to their preferences. Also, if the consumer wants to go into further research they can go to different stores and compare products and prices. The third stage is evaluation of alternatives. In this stage the consumer may decide they want sandals or dress shoes instead of tennis shoes. The fourth stage is purchase decision. This stage lets the consumer decide where they want to purchase their product and how they are going to pay for it, whether it is with cash, check, or credit card. The fifth stage is the official purchase and the sixth stage is the post purchase evaluation. The sixth stage is when the consumer tests the purchased product to decide if they are satisfied with the outcome. Although there are six stages of the consumer buying process that doesn’t necessarily mean

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