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Connecticut Valley School The purpose of this simulation is to properly disburse the capital budget funds for the next year at Connecticut Valley School. With the seven priorities listed, some will bring in money while others will not. Ranking is done by what will bring profit into the school quicker and that money will go toward other projects at a later time. Also, to focus on things that more less need to be fixed to ensure safety for students and staff. This year’s capital will be spent towards funding for a swimming pool, renovations to fine arts building, new roof for the hockey rink, wood chip heating system, upgrading the computer lab, new buses, and lastly renovations to the women’s locker room. This ranking should go well…show more content…
Many students are of age to drive or have a friend that can drive. Last is the women’s locker room. Every student will not be pleased with how every detail of the school looks and that is the problem with the women’s locker room. The negative comments have not been proven to be true even if the women have complained and with the revenue from the previous projects, the locker room has potential of being fixed sooner than later. The plan of negotiation is for the board of trustees to see how projects listed at the top of the list are actually going to bring in money quicker so that the school will have more funds. Since the trustees are about budgeting and knowing what is best, it would be good for the school to invest in larger projects so all that is left are smaller ones that will not take long to complete. Thusly, we will be getting pricier projects completed and will have hopefully built enough revenue for the other projects that will come at a later time. The ranking is based on the need for the school to cut down on expenses that go to outside organizations or facilities. The plan is to have Connecticut Valley School bringing in more money to keep in house to take care of things that will make it a better environment for current and future staff and

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