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Case #2 - Victoria's Secret PINK Question #1. How do you feel about the potential exposure of young girls to PINK? As a customer of Victoria's Secret I do like the PINK brand and the merchandise it offers, but as a mother of two young girls ( 9 and 11 years) I don't agree that young girls (tweens) should be exposed to the VS's PINK brand. Even though the brand is very appealing and advertised as cute and playful I believe that some of the merchandise are very explicit and too sexy for tweens. There are many items in the PINK brand that younger girls can wear but some are more appropriate for adult women. The company classifies the brand as "loungewear" that is young, hip and casual. There are quite a few items, especially panties that…show more content…
I have never missed any opportunities for the free stuff. When I go to redeem my free coupon I may not always get only the free stuff offered because when I'm at the store there's a greater chance that I will get something else too. It may not be good for my wallet but it's definitely good for VS's revenues. I believe this is a very good marketing move. Offering free incentives to existing customers keeps and even increases the customer's loyalty for the brand. I also love VS's semiannual sales. They advertise them on TV and many times I have seen the ads and definitely they reminded me to go to the store or online for the specials. For their customers VS sends many catalogs in the mail. They advertise the sales as well as any new items they sell. I always find something to buy when I get the catalog in the mail. The prices are also very attractive during their semiannual sales. You really get more for your money. They also offer free shipping with order of $100 or more. Sometimes they even offer free returns which I love because I can order whatever I want and don't pay for either shipping or return so it's like guilt free pleasure. I don't lose anything if I decide to return the merchandise. Their merchandise is well made and very comfortable. I have never purchased a bra from VS that did not fit right. As I can only speak for myself, I believe their IPEX ®bra is truly the best bra there is. Although

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