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Table of content 1. Introduction 1 2. Objective 1 3. The product details and features 2 Product details 2 Product features 2 4. The target market 2 5. The price 3 6. The distribution model 4 7. The promotional methods 5 8. Conclusion 5 Introduction Along with increasing of standard of living, people have higher and higher requirement of keeping the environment clean. Lots of cleaning products are invented to help householders retain house clean. A new type product is developed to reduce house cleaners’ work and make toilet continuous sanitary. This report analyzes the market for Harpic Max 43g, which is a toilet bowl rim block product. Harpic is a brand name of a toilet bowl cleaner. The brand is…show more content…
People who work as cleaners focus on quality products which can improve their work effective. As the a superior product in the rim block, the features of Harpic Max 43g can satisfy most their needs on keeping toilet bowl cleaning and conveniently using. The price Price is the value exchanged for products in a marketing transaction. It is a changeable key characteristic of a product and also is a key element in the marketing mix. It directly relates to customers demand and organization revenue. [pic] Table 1 The table above displays that price of Harpic Max 43g in major local supermarkets. From the price research (table 1) in several major supermarkets, Harpic Max 43g is sold in same or similar price in the Woolworth, Franklins, Big W and Coles. There is no any long-term special or value pack sold in those supermarkets except Franklins. In Franklins, supermarket operates Harpic Max 43g as multiple-unit pricing. If customers do multiple buys, they can buy two for $ 7. If customers buy three or more at once, they can get a discount price that $ 3.5 each. [pic] Table 2 The table above shows that average price of products in major local supermarkets. Those goods are principal products under the brand names in supermarkets. In price comparison with other same types of products, Harpic Max 43g has the highest unit price in major brands. It means that Harpic Max 43g is in a weak position in terms of price competition. However it also indicates

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