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The success of Cochlear

Cochlear’s macro-environment and global marketing mix Analysis


To analyze the reason why Cochlear is successful, it is better to inspect it from a worldwide range. This essay uses PESTLE model to analyze its macro-environments in different countries and regions, and then discuss the impact of these factors. This essay also uses a number of examples to illustrate Cochlear 's responding global marketing mix, to further emphasize the deep impact.

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1. Introduction: 4 2. Main body: 4 2.1 Political Factor 4 2.2 Economic Factor 5 2.3 Social/Culture Factor 5 2.4 Technical Factor 5 2.5 Legal Factor 6 2.6 Environmental Factor 6 3. Conclusion: 6
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Lower price enables more Indians to afford hearing healthcare systems, and in turn makes Cochlear grow in India.
2.3 Social/Culture Factor
When it comes to the Social factors, population, income distribution, social mobility, lifestyle, attitude towards work and leisure, and education level are detailed elements of Social factors. For Cochlear, attitude towards healthcare among the society is the main influencing factor. In developing countries like India and South East Asia, the average healthcare awareness is low. To prove this, we only need to quote words from Chundu, Manchaiah, Stephens and Kumar (2013), “it appears that parentally reported outcomes could be related to many factors including the hearing healthcare system with the costs involved for the implanted individuals and their families”. As a countermeasure, according to the Economic Times (2010), Cochlear Limited will spend up to 15 million in India, to increase awareness. Additionally, the Social factors are often described as culture difference. Cochlear used localization of the communication strategy to deal with culture difference: In Europe, it cooperated with Loud Group and designed a comprehensive program of Public Relationship, which included traditional media, broadcast, activity, and on-line DeafBlog. While in Cuba, it linked itself with Cuban Revolution 's advanced national

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