Mlb League Baseball Is A North American Baseball League

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Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball is a North American baseball league that sponsors professional baseball teams and players. MLB is the most successful and oldest North American professional sports league. MLB has had some of the best athletes in the history of the world. It is America’s pastime and is the best professional sports league in the world.
On February 2, 1876, the national league of baseball was formed. This league would come to be known as the National league in the Major League of Baseball. The American league in the Major League of Baseball was later formed in 1901. There were 8 original teams. The Boston Red Stockings, Chicago White Stockings, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, Mutual
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The World Series was created in 1903. The best team from the National League and American League would compete at the end of each season to be crowned World Series Champions. The American League has won 63 of the 110 World Series played, leaving 47 of them to be won by National League teams. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series, having won 27 of them. The St. Louis Cardinals have won 11.
The Most Valuable Player Award was introduced to baseball in 1911. The best player in each league was given the award due to their outstanding playing that season. The most MVP awards ever won was 7, won by Barry Bonds. In 1956, the CY Young award was created. It was named after one of the best pitchers in history. This awarded the best pitcher in all of baseball in that season. Then in 1967, the award was given to not just the best pitcher in all of baseball, but the best in the National and American league both got the award. Roger Clemens won the most CY Young awards ever with 7. These are the most popular and most prestigious awards to win. There are many other awards such as, the Silver slugger, Gold glove, Delivery man, Platinum Glove, Rookie of the year, and Comeback Player of the Year, Manager of the Year, World Series MVP, the Hank Aaron award,
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