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Bello Louissaint ENC 1101-20013 Professor Kristen Holt February 26, 2014 The Battle of Two Civil Legends When you hear the names Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., You think of the men of colored that paved the way for their respective races and nation. Gandhi with his homeland of India from British rule and MLK with the nation of America. Many figures have compared to two but no one has ever attempted to pit these two legends against each other and not in the form of a rap battle. Well, ERB can claim to be the first. With the melodic rhymes and catchy hook. Who exactly won this battle of civil greats, in my esteemed opinion, it would be the Mahatma. Gandhi case presentation and his flow was too beastly for MLK in this…show more content…
His line at the end of the verse “naan violence” leaves one confused because I haven’t seen a way to flatten bread without the use of some sort of violence. Additionally, Gandhi went for the jugular in his second verse. He states that “boycott those grits and sit in with some spinach”. Gandhi was referencing the way MLK would call for protests with boycott and sit-ins. Mahatma uses this the way MLK used fasting as a joke. Gandhi was talking about MLK fitness with this line meaning that he should leave the grits and alone and change his diet to be healthier. He goes on to say “with protest and women the same advice goes stay away from the hoes” (ERB). Gandhi shows his sexist ideals with this line. Showing that he does not feel that women are strong enough to be involved in protest especially in their respective nations at the time. When law enforcement had shown excessive force when dealing with protestors; however, in the latter part of the message he was referencing to the fact that in his time of fighting for civil rights and his growing popularity. MLK had been involved in multiple affairs with women albeit that he was married at the time to Coretta. In much of history, we romanticize about figures like MLK but Gandhi brought MLK transgressions to light for some who may not have

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