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Case Seminar Nokia 1. How do you think the marketing task for Nokia is different in developing markets (versus in developed countries)? Nokia has conducted a customer-driven marketing strategy. They segment the market by income and they have divided their target group into developing markets and developed ones. They sell phones to over 150 countries and among them European countries contributes to 39 percent of its total net sales while Asia, Latin America, and other developing markets account for 56 percent. It is shown from the numbers that developing markets are essential for Nokia. Nokia takes over the market shares in a way similar to Honda. It started by focusing on developing countries and selling them entry-level phones.…show more content…
This is hard to copy because their customer loyalty is gained from a long period of time. In one word, Nokia’s competitive advantage in developed markets is not as strong as that in developing markets but they still have a pretty good market share. Being a market leader in developing markets, what Nokia needs to do is to protect and expand its market shares. And being more of a market challenger in developed markets, Nokia needs to keep transforming their product to meet the new demands ands not to lose their market shares to others. Ben & Jerry's 1. How does Ben & Jerry's values help execute the marketing strategy? Social values take an important part of Ben & Jerry’s company values. The company aims to build a strong relationship with its customers therefore creates a long-term loyalty. Ben & Jerry’s social values is the foundation of its marketing strategy. The product and promotion of marketing mix in Ben & Jerry’s are good examples of how their company values affect their marketing strategy. Their social mission sets the company apart from simple cause-related markets. By promoting and sticking to its social values, customers are paying for more than just the ice-cream but also the idea behind it, therefore creates a lifestyle product. Their products are environmental friendly and they show their concern of environment as well as social issues in small details of their products. These measure

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