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Five Basic MMA Takedowns that Work

One of the most important aspects of a successful MMA toolkit is a fighter’s mastery of takedown techniques. And just like every other part of mixed martial arts, the takedown game is an evolving one, with fighters continually refining and expanding upon basic techniques. That said, by some estimates more than eighty percent of all takedowns that occur in MMA utilize just five basic techniques: the double leg, the single leg, the outside trip, the bodylock and the suplex. We present those techniques here, in order of popularity, and with brief explanations of each.

1 – The Double Leg Takedown

The double leg takedown is the most commonly used take down in traditional wrestling and is also the most popular in mixed martial arts. In fact, by
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While in a clutch the opportunity to trip one the opponents legs from the outside, forcing them off-balance and to the mat will often come up without much forethought.

4 – The Body Lock

There are many variations to the body lock, some of which employ an outside or inside leg trip. The move is typically executed by wrapping the opponents body up in a hold, lifting them off or both of their feet and slamming them to the mat. It can be highly effective either with or without a trip added.

5 – The Suplex

Generally associated with professional wrestling, the suplex is actually quite commonly employed in traditional and Greco-roman wrestling. You can employ the suplex in a variety of ways and from a variety of holds and positions, including wrapping your opponent up from behind, lifting them off the mat and slamming them down.

All Takedowns Require Practice and Technique

Like all other aspects of MMA, takedowns require practice and a solid understanding of technique to execute properly. They all have their strengths, weaknesses, and potential for setup and effective

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