Mmis 621 Assignment 4 Information Systems Project Management Plan Erp System Implementation Mmis 621: Information Systems Project Management

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MMIS 621 Assignment 4 Information Systems Project Management Plan
ERP system implementation
MMIS 621: Information Systems Project Management
Fall 2015

Click Link Below To Buy: Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to apply and demonstrate your understanding of the tools and principles covered in the class to a project of your choice.

Section 1: Project Definition (5-6 pages)

Define the Project Scope: Use the scope statement template to develop a 2-3 page scope statement for your project. See a snapshot example on page 105.

Establish Project Priorities: As a project
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Keys to Success: Identify potential management issues (e.g., motivation problems, conflicts) that are likely to arise in completing this project. What should you, as the project manager, look out for in managing this project? What are the keys to success?

Guidelines and Suggestions for Creating Your Project Management Plan

1. Your AON project network should include at least 15 and no more than 25 activities to keep the paper manageable.
2. Each section must include a 1-2 paragraph introduction that explains what you are presenting and its relevance to your plan. Your paper must tell a story! Explain the managerial implications of each section. The narrative is as important as your application of the tools and systems of the course to your project.
3. Pick a project that allows you to demonstrate the principles covered in the course.
4. Think ahead to the resources that will be used. The project should involved more than two people.
5. Submit only one file that includes your full plan (preferably in MSWord). You may insert screen captures from work you did in other programs (e.g., MSProject, MindView, Excel, etc.). Assume that top management is reviewing this report. Time is precious, so organize your report so that it is easy to comprehend and follow. Embed figures and tables into the text.
6. Constructing patios, garages, pools, and trivial projects are not valid projects for this course. Aim to
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