Mmjte1 Case 5-4

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The above chart provides Yu with the standard specifications data set from each of the five branches in production of the MMJTE1 in a year. The standard cost was set at 5.56. White Planes and Huntsville branches managed to stay a little under budget. While the Juarez branch was under the most in production cost by .55. The other two branches Dayton and Toledo went over the standard budget set by Galaxy Toys Inc. The time it took to produce the MMJTE1 was set at the standard of 2.36. The branches in Toledo, White Plains, and Huntsville stayed within the set standard of time. The Dayton and Juarez branches went over in time. Juarez being the most over in time with production of the MMJTE1 will need to be addressed and implement what can be done to reduce production time.
The quality control problem ratio based on 500 units made was 1. The White Plains, Huntsville and Toledo branches were a little over 1 with Dayton producing 4. The Juarez
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All five of the branches were successful in having less than 1. This shows that shipping of products to consumers is on track and they are receiving their products with no damage. The 3D problems per 10,000 units produced was set to 0.2. The White Plains and Huntsville branches produced less than 0.2. The Toledo and Dayton branches had a little over 0.2 in problems with the Juarez branch having the highest in problems at 0.4. Management will assess equipment and send in for repairs or replacement if needed to decrease the 3D problems.
The production of the MMJTE1 was set to having 375,000 produced in a year. The White Plains, Huntsville, Toledo and Dayton branches were able to produce more than 400,000 of MMJTE1. The Juarez branch stayed within the 375,000. Management will meet with the Juarez branch and evaluate the production process and make improvements in quality control, 3D problems, time and the production of MMJTE1
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