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Task 1







Re: Tech Upgrade Proposal

To: Mr. Kern

From: Me


I performed a SWOT analysis on the current AEnergy technology infrastructure. A SWOT analysis is a technique and opportunity for a thoughtful overview of where things are good and where things need improvement. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. I’ve reviewed our system for all four of the SWOT attributes to give the following summary and suggestions.



Secure: Our current system is secure. We use SSL authentications for all inbound data requests, VPN tunneling between sites and from outside the facilities, WPA encryption with MAC filtering
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Further, this single ISP means that there is no backup in case of a downtime. Even though the ISP has not shown any signs of underperformance, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan to mitigate against a catastrophic failure (Rensin, 2012).

Another weakness is seen on the limited space for expansion that is in the infrastructure. The current infrastructure can only accommodate 30 employees and even if there is the plan of growth by 20%, the space might not be adequate as growth normally necessitates a lot of space (Gupta & Jayaraman, 2010). This is because, there might be a need for a few offices and the current architecture might not be enough for the expansion and thus could delay the expansion.

The limited and inflexible budget is also a weakness for the organization in terms of acquiring and investing in new systems. (Laan, 2013).This is because the systems are quite costly and the organization requires an increase of the performance of all its servers as well as addition of new equipment and with the limited budget and insufficient funds allocated to the equipments, it might not be easy to accomplish that.



There is an opportunity for upgrading the technology in the IT infrastructure as a result of the extensive research and development investment that the organization is considering. AEnergy has such a unique product, that there is little in

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