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Case: “Tad O’Malley: The Investment Conundrum” 1. Review the case and the three Power Point presentations. Which external environmental issues/considerations should Tad take into account when evaluating the three deals? 2. Which internal (i.e. related to each of the companies to be evaluated) issues/considerations should Tad take into account? 3. Which organizational (i.e. Empire-related) issues/considerations are likely to influence the partners’ decision? 4. Are there any other issues/considerations Tad should take into account and how should Tad structure his presentation at the partners’ meeting? 5. Choose one deal for Tad and prepare 3 PP slides for him to use in the presentation. (Be prepared to show your slides…show more content…
How would you ‘pitch’ this deal? Be prepared to do so. 2. If you are Westphal, what issues does the call from Slaoui raise for you? What terms are you most inclined to negotiate? 3. What is likely to change at Sirtris after the acquisition? Is there a role for an entrepreneur like Westphal in a very large company like GSK? 4. From Slaoui’s perspective, how should the integration of Sirtris be managed? How would Westphal and Dipp answer the same question? What is your opinion? 5. What do you think of the new discovery organization GSK has created? Is this a viable model for large companies in general? Case: “A Speed Race: Benelli and QJ Compete in the International Motorbike Arena” 1. What are the key cultural differences that may impede success after the acquisition? 2. What are the key problems related to cultural differences and which integration approach should the company follow to overcome these problems? 3. What specific factors should the company take into account when integrating the different cultures, who should be responsible for the integration process, when and how should the integration process take place and how should its success or failure be evaluated? 4. What are the key environmental opportunities and challenges for Benelli? What are Benelli’s key strengths and weaknesses? Based on this

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