Mnemonics: The Journey Technique

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How is it possible for human beings to remember things as complex as we do? We can memorize grocery lists, an order at a drive-thru, vocabulary for a difficult test, and many other things. This is possible due to mnemonics. Mnemonics are memory tools we use to learn complicated information (Memory Improvement Techniques). There are many ways to use this tool, such as associating the alphabet with the first letter of words or by creating a rhyme, but one has to know how to use and practice it for it to work. The first mnemonic technique I learned was the journey technique. To use this, one connects the information they need to memorize with a familiar route (The Journey Technique: Remembering Long Lists). For example, one may need to memorize the eight planets of our solar system for a test, and he or she could do this by associating the planets with landmarks on the route to school. The “M” in Mercury could be associated with the “M” in mailbox, the “V” in Venus can also represent the “V” in the very tall tree beside the stop sign, and so forth. Secondly, I learned about the mnemonic approach of mind mapping. In this method, one draws the main topic in the center of a page and each subheading is…show more content…
In long-term memory, there are two types of memories: explicit and implicit. One’s explicit memories can be recalled with awareness, such as what you ate yesterday. On the other hand, one’s implicit memories are recalled without any awareness, an example is tying a shoe or riding a bike (Hockenbury, D. H., & Hockenbury, S. E. (2014) Discovering Psychology). If the types of long-term memories need to be memorized, the best way is to use mind mapping. To do this, one could label the map “LTM” with the two types of long-term memories stemming from the center. Then, there could be smaller branches coming off the two types, therefore giving more information about each
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