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Module Title: MANAGING OPERATIONS Time: 10:30 – 13:30 Duration: 3 HOURS

Date: 16th SEPT 2011

The following items are provided: Examination Answer Booklet

Instructions to Candidates:
This is a closed book examination. This paper consists of TWO sections. Section A is compulsory – based on North West Bank case study issued to students prior to the examination. Answer all three questions in section A (50%) (A clean copy of the case study is included in this examination paper) Answer any two questions in section B. (25% each) Calculators are permitted.

North West Constructive Bank-The New Mortgage Centre

Andy Curtis, the Mortgage Operations Manager for
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Skills required performing the task:

Credit-Credit assessment skills U/R-Underwriting Skills Local-Knowledge of local property market Legal-Knowledge of property law Rel.-Relationship skills

All the management team thought that going through the details of each of the process had been useful. It had produced information that had not been collected before, such as the actual percentage of recycled and rejected applications at each stage. Also it had prompted an interesting debate around the appropriateness of the time allowances for each activity and the sequence of the activities. For example, the underwriting activities had always preceded the offer stage activities in all the centres. Yet there was no technical reason why the underwriting and offer activities could not be performed in parallel. “When all applications were purely paperbased it would not have been possible to perform activities in parallel unless the documents had been physically copied and even then it
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