Mob Mentality

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Research Paper – Mob Mentality

Mob mentality can occur in any society. It can take place at any time, any day or any night. Mob mentality does not have a direct target. It will take over anyone, leaving them with no control over themselves. Mob mentality proves that under critical situations people will be selfish and follow others’ leads; however, the leads people usually follow are not the ones best for them. Due to large amounts of stress everyone carries, people do not think as clearly as they normally would. Those horrible leads that people choose to follow will eventually cause groups to become out of control. Violence usually ensues when within
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When people follow another person’s lead, they are hiding themselves from the world and everyone in it. Some people don't like to have attention directed toward them. In fact, some people will do anything to not stand out. They will blend into a crowd by becoming more like the others within the group. When dealing with mob mentality, humans within a group want to become more similar to the others. People constantly pretend to be something they are not. Montag does this in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Montag acts as if he still believes books are bad and that they need to be destroyed; however, Montag secretly wants to read any book that he's able to get his hands on. He acts as if he hates books so that he is able to fit in with the rest of the firemen. He does not want to look guilty of anything, including deliberately disobeying the firemen rules. People are and always have been naive. They'll trust anyone if the other person has never given them any reason to doubt them. If someone is similar to another person, they will align themselves with one another. People often congregate with others that they feel are most like themselves (Donely). Montag barely knew Faber when he first confided in him. Montag trusted Faber with

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