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"MOBBING" CONTENTS OF THE PAPER INTRODUCTION DEFINITIONS OF MOBBING THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF MOBBING THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBBING A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE CONCLUSION REFERENCES A-INTRODUCTION It is possible that most of us; the students, the employees or even some academicians don't know the term "mobbing". Mobbing is a new term in today's management issues. The term comes from other fields of study, i.e.; behavioral sciences. Mobbing basically refers to an attacking behavior. Mobbing was used firstly to describe the attacks from a smaller group of animals directed against one single larger animal. Later on, this animal behavior term was carried on to child behavior, and referred to the very destructive behaviors of a group of children…show more content…
Theoretically mobbing is an extreme form of social stressors at work. It is amazing both from the scientist's and the practitioner's point of view that there was so little prior research in this area. A social interaction, through which one s attacked by one or more (seldom more than 4) individuals on almost a daily basis and for periods of many months, forcing the person into an almost helpless position with a high potential risk of expulsion. Mobbing is long lasting, recurrent, and serious negative actions and behavior that is annoying and oppressing. It is not mobbing if you are scolded once or somebody shrugs his/her shoulders at you once. Negative behaviors develop into mobbing when it becomes continuous and repeated. Often the victim of mobbing feels unable to defend him/herself. The direction of hostile communication and behaviors toward one individual. The phenomena of repeated workplace aggression by individuals to harm other with whom they work. Psychological terror at workplace Ganging up on someone in the work place The situations where an employee is persistently picked on or humiliated by leaders or coworkers. Originally refers to group aggression. Mobbing or mobbing is one form of extreme negative social interaction at work. All these definitions vary in their content but refer to the same fact; a fact that one faces
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