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With smartphones and tablets taking the world by storm with 77 per cent of the world own a mobile device. Many businesses and companies are creating their websites to be mobile compatible, thus allowing the public to access their website on the go and on their mobile or tablet.

By having a mobile accessible website there are some advantages that come with it. Amongst the use of having a mobile or tablet to access a website, it can enable access to information, anytime and anywhere there is mobile coverage. By freeing information from the restrictions of a desk or search for a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot, people can quickly retrieve and exchange information. This is great for a business at it allows people to access their website easier as they
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So a mobile website needs to be made for different phones, resolutions and operating systems.

Furthermore by having a regular version of a website as well as a mobile website, the maintenance of the website has now doubled. As the mobile and normal versions of the website are separate, the maintenance and editing needs to be done on both, not just one of them. This is time-consuming and costs money to the company. However a mobile accessible website allows users to access pages at a quicker load speed. Due to a mobile site having less data to load and has a smaller resolution, so loading a website is quicker than a computer version of a website. As most smartphones come standard with Wi-Fi connections, users can consume the internet speed of the home or work network so the difference of internet speeds is not an issue.

A mobile optimised website compared to a normal computer website has their differences. A mobile website should not have the exact aesthetics of the normal website, it should be simple, clear and easy to use. Most phones these days are smartphones, which are touch screen. If you have a mobile website with the same appearance of the website its replicating than links, pictures and other data. Your finger compared to a mouse cursor is massive and your mobile phone screen compared to your computer screens is tiny. An appropriate setting of links, photos and data is

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