Mobile Ad Hoc Networks ( Lan )

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION The network that is built impulsively as device connect that is said to be a Local Area Network (LAN). The network is a type which does not rely on base station for the coordination to implant the flow of messages to each node, whereas this network is inspired by the activity of forwarding packets among individual network nodes to and fro. That’s why conventionally “ad hoc” literally known as “for this special purpose” in Latin. Moreover MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) is the trendy inheritance of it. In this technical era, each and every organization which belongs to various business operations and corporate levels. They strongly rely on easy, reliable and secured sharing of information. But in the past technological period everything was done through wired networks which had certain transmission and privacy risk. In that case MANET incorporating wireless culture became a boon in disguise for satisfying the drawbacks of wired networks. MANET has become one of the most promising fields for research and development in the area of emerging network and connectivity. If it is to be explained in a laymen phrase, the MANET is a technology that enables users to communicate without any special physical infrastructure not considering the geographic location. They have a proliferation of most cheaper, compact and powerful devices which made their progress a hike. MANET also faces some vulnerabilities, challenges, security issues. Here the
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