Mobile Advertising : An Effective Tool For Many Users

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Instagram. A free mobile app that allows users to easily upload and share pictures and videos privately or publicly. But what does this social platform offers, that distinct it with other photo and video sharing apps? And what does it contain that attracts an immense portion of marketers and business owners to launch Instagram feeds instead of any other social network? According to Instagram 's press ( 2016 ), about 400 million users are active monthly and 80 million photos are shared daily . Such engagement with the users raises the question on why is it so successful and why is it continually growing and expecting to be an optimal tool for many users? Mobile advertisement is becoming more relevant and it might even replace dramatically the industry of television advertisement, according to Griffith (2015), " Mobile advertising, a meaningless sliver of its business three years ago, made up 73% of its $3.3 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of 201"5. Instagram is proving to be a social platform of worth.
Standford studen and former worker of Google, Kevin Systrom, began to launch a start-up app called "Burbn", in early 2010, based on sharing one 's location with friends and adding a picture with it (Sengupta, Perlroth & Witham, 2012). Such as Systrom, many saw the growing future of mobile. Smartphones and tablets use increases and as Danova (2015) stated, " Mobile growth is moving into media, advertising, software, and services. So, as mobile industry…
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