Mobile Application And Social Media

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I bet you wish you could swipe left to not have to read this paper? Or maybe with that first sentence I have intrigued you to swipe right and keep reading? I am of course finding some humor in the left or right swipes, based on Tinder, the dating app that allows its users to swipe through thousands of photos a day to meet new people. Whether or not you have used Tinder, there 's a great chance that you have heard about it, or know someone who has used it. This mobile application is self proclaimed to be, "The fastest and easiest way to meet new people and form new connections." (Tinder Facebook) Since Tinder was put out to the public in 2012, this free app has become one of the most used dating applications. (CQR) On a rise with its worldwide millions of users, I find Tinder certainly interesting, but just like other mobile application and social media, Tinder is part of our societies consumption of technology, and is part of our individual inner strive to find self fulfillment in, "the perfect picture." Whether a person is looking for friends, just for hookups, or serious relationships, Tinder is a fast way to go through many pictures and find new people close to their location. The mobile app has created an easy way of, swiping right if you like someone, or left, if you 're not interested. In an article from the New York Times, Jessica Carbino who is Tinder 's relationship expert concedes, "Research shows when people are evaluating photos of others, they are trying to
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