Mobile Application Development Of Smartphones

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MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT MOHIT MOTIANI CSE 598- Distributed Software Development Professor Yinong Chen Abstract: With the increase in number and development of smartphones, mobile application development has become more and more demanding these days. All the versions of different platforms of every phone demands same application with different compatibility. This rising demand need large number of developers to move towards the development of mobile applications. Even universities are trying to promote this concept among the students by providing them knowledge of free and open source tools and languages for mobile application development. The paper will present the basic requirements for the development of mobile applications like portability, dataset interaction, power usage, information availability and property to connect. The paper will give the brief overview of the tools needed for the secure development of mobile applications such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, MoSync, Application Craft, Widgetpad and Appcelerator. It will also provide knowledge about challenges that a developer usually face like practicality, performance, security, compatibility and usablity while developing mobile applications and will also include the risk associated with the development of the apps like customer related risks, managerial risks, risks related to finances, risks related to market, etc. and ways to mitigate them. Paper will also talk about the languages (C, C++, HTML,
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