Mobile Applications For Pregnancy And Maternal Health

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ISIT930 Assignment 1 Introduction The internet has become a frequently used source for women to look up information related to pregnancy and maternal health [1]. Private and governmental web sited are providing information to these women. There are also many mobile applications that focus on women’s health [2]. However, the quality, usability and reliability of these applications and websites are often questionable. Women use search engines to answer their questions, often comparing answers from multiple sources. When these sources contradict each other, it can be hard to know which source to trust [3]. This review on mobile advancements and apps, because it is relevant and there are a lot of new developments and research. In Australia over 90% have access to the internet, and a large part of the population have access to a smartphone as well [4]. Furthermore, there are a lot of potential in mobile applications targeting pregnancy and maternal health. The existing mobile applications are lacking in quality and usability. They are also not easily trusted. Marketing of good pregnancy and maternal health mobile applications is rare. If the application is marketed it is usually only marketed by the company who created it. Health professionals are not recommending good mobile application for their patients unless approached on the matter [3, 4]. Method The search for articles was performed using the database Scopus. As the review in health consumer informatics should be recent,
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