Mobile Applications : The New Way For Marketing

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Mobile applications have become the new way for marketing different businesses to millions of customers. Majority of household uses their mobile device to search for various needs and services. Consumers have the option of using mobile phones to do banking and purchase products which is very convenient for the consumer. This opportunity creates business’s longevity with customers and sustainability while increasing visibility. People have the advantage of getting synchronous directions and notifications of what is important to them according to their lifestyle from mobile applications. The innovation allow individuals to Go Green and help save the economy with daily tips and techniques. Unfortunately, privacy concerns with Personal…show more content…
They further accent sustainability enterprises which builds reliable green economies for managers and employees who need flexibility. The benefits are numerous which will lead to consistantcy and revenue. The FCC released the first public version of the FCC Speed Test app for Android phones. The app, available for free in the Google Play store, provides precise and nuanced data about the performance of mobile broadband networks used by consumers in the U.S. Here’s some of what we saw on just the first two days following the release: • 30,000 installations. • 200 reviews of the app, averaging 4.5 stars in the Google Play store • 500 recommendations for the app on Google Plus. • Approximately 40,000 collections of the full suite of broadband measurements: upload speed, download speed, latency, and packet loss. ◦ Of these 40,000 tests, about 25,000 were manual and roughly 15,000 were scheduled. Roughly 23,000 tests were on LTE network technology. (Byrne and Spry, 2013) Geolocation application can identify the user and their location. The benefits are numerous while staying connected with friends and family. More advantages with geolocators are attaining data while in the proximity of a business. When traveling concurrent to restaurants some apps have the ability to populate the sales, coupons, and other amenities. Innovations for mobile applications is only limited to the
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