Mobile Applications Usage

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1.1 Mobile Applications Usage: From the past few years it is said that “every mobile company are making the smartphone and feature phone. And increasing the computing power of mobile phone, rapidly increase the smart phone mobile application. Most of the people from developed countries cannot imagine leaving their home without mobile phones. Not only the developed countries but also the developing countries the mobile application usage rate is growing rapidly. The mobile application are available in different areas like social networking, games ,news and magazines, travel, weather, health & fitness, books and many more.” Let us consider suppose social networking applications like Voice chat, Facebook, Twitter etc. Now a day every standard mobile phone has Facebook application on their mobile device. Just through mobile device user can share with their friends and family from anywhere and any place like in car, in train which means sitting anywhere in any location. People can use messenger like whats app, LINE, We chat messenger apps for chatting purposes anywhere and anyplace. We can generate call to any corner of the world with low cost using VoIP application and internet with the help of the application like skype which leads to free voice or video calling through their mobile device. Then we can talk about GPS System. Current position locating in map, Road navigation, vehicle tracking etc are the most uses application using GPS system. The Google Map helps us to find
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