Mobile Apps : A New Platform For Information And Communication Exchange

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1.1 Background
Over the advancement of technology, especially the Internet, every aspect of human life became more practical. The Internet is a new platform for information and communication exchange that has become present in our daily life. The number of Internet users is continuously increasing, we can asses anything from Internet nowadays with so many media like PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. One of many Internet developments is called mobile application also well known as Apps. Mobile Apps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser.

Mobile Apps offers ease in all sectors including transportation sector. We can find out how was the traffic condition,
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Payments will be directly entered into a credit card, so customers do not have to pay Uber Taxi driver again. In contrast, traditional taxi apps only a platform for company driver and customers connected through mobile apps. Customer mention the destination pick up point and then taxi driver will come to pick up, the meter cost used was regular metered taxi. Customers can pay the travel expenses directly or using other payment systems.

1.2 Significance of the Study
The invention of the Internet creates a pattern shift of the traditional way people use transportation. A consumer is no longer need to wait for a vacant taxi in the side walk. Consumers can easily pick up they tablet or mobile phone, find a vacant taxi near their area or even booked one. The apps will let the consumers know the license plate, driver name and approximately time the taxi will come. Without additional charge, Consumers just need to wait for several minutes. Moreover, Consumers can choose what type of car they need using Taxi Apps.

From the taxi apps company revenue, we can see it is increasing sharply. With several change of boundaries and regulations, Writer confident to assume that this type of service will be grown more flourish.

1.3 Theoretical Framework
Theoretical framework from this study is “Utility Theory” which proposes rank of consumer satisfaction from their
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