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Mobile Apps Business Strategy Short Marketing Analysis of the Mobile Apps Market Every modern business needs its own mobile app in order to attract new customers and drive away the competitors without their own mobile apps. 36% of construction companies utilized more than 5 mobile business apps in 2014 (Business-Apps, 2015). In other words, software development becomes more profitable year by year. On the one hand, employers significantly reduced the paperwork and manual data processing with the help of the mobile apps. 23 percent of huge construction companies use ten or even more mobile business apps in 2014. Mobile apps cut costs on inspections (61%), checklists (31%) and work orders (49%). 69…show more content…
Some apps are cross-platform, and some are not. Free software offering can be a smart move for attracting new clients. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings help avoiding app management and development costs. The websites such as and Microsoft Dynamics help solving problems related to mobile relationship management (CRM). Salesforce's monthly subscription costs $125, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM's monthly subscription is $65. MobileFabric enterprise apps subscriptions cost $80 monthly for up to 10 apps. Subscription for the unlimited apps worth $150. Kony's subscription worth $29 for 5 apps monthly. Paradoxically, but the free games must be the most profitable mobile apps (Mirani, 2015). The point is that users start playing games for free, but then they purchase additional items/coupons within the games. Nearly 93 percent of the mobile games are free at the beginning (the so called “free-to-play” games (FTP)). These games eventually generate about $220 billion annually while pre-paid mobile games generate only $10 billion, or 4.55 percent of the free-to-play market. As a conclusion, every mobile app must have its clear audience (students, employers, businessmen, software developers, jobless,
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