Mobile As A Part Of The Journey

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Management Project
In the beginning, it was just a job
. I had numerous years of sales experience so it seemed like a no
brainer to dive into cell phone sales. I heard that it paid well and it was very similar to what I was already accustomed to.
The main reason I applied to T
Mobile was to help pay for school. The next thing that I know, I have a family and a house. I have worked for T
Mobile for seven years and never thought that I would be with this company for this long. Not to mention, make enough money to buy a house and live comfortably. T
Mobile has evolved in numerous ways , and I am thankful to be a part of the journey. I started in March of 2008 as a part
time sales representative working at a corporate
owned kiosk in the Puente Hills Mall.
I used to tease other employees that were so enveloped in the company.
It was my intention to finish school, and then move on to a career opportunity.
Unfortunately, my journey did not end within a few years. There were a few curveballs along the way an d I did not focus the proper amount of time toward my studies.
Due to the lack of focus, I actually stopped going to school for a year. Not to mention, changing my major multiple times and not passing some classes the first time.
forward to present
day and now I am a Retail Sales Leader, which is essentially an assistant manager. I have chosen to write about T
Mobile because I believe with my multiple years with the company
I can accurately…
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