Mobile Cloud Computing : A Virtual Pool Of Resources

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1.0 Introduction

Cloud computing is a virtual pool of resources and it provides these resources to users via internet. But it comes with few problems like data privacy, security and reliability etc. The most important problem in all these is security and privacy. Securing the cloud means protecting the databases. We are going to discuss about different security issues occurred in cloud and different cryptographic algorithms which are used to provide security. Due to cloud computing even though the user has minimum hardware requirement, the user can use the maximum capability of computing.

2.0 Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is the combination of cloud computing, wireless networks and mobile computing which brings rich computational resources to mobile users as well as cloud computing providers. It is one of the major technology in the IT world since 2009. The main objective is using these techniques of cloud computing for data processing and storage in mobile devices. Due MCC the enterprises and mobile device users have lots of advantages. has. The mobile users have rapidly grown in a very short period of time. These days almost everyone uses a smart phone or similar to a mobile device like an ipad etc. Considering the fact that internet usage has also reached a high usage level, it is anticipated that MCC will play a major role in the IT industry.

The cloud resources are virtualized , i.e they are distributed and stored in several computers. This…
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