Mobile Commerce : Issues Of M Commerce

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Mobile Commerce: Issues in M-Commerce Khadeidra Linder Valdosta State University Mobile Commerce: Issues in M-Commerce Mobile commerce is described to be the buying and selling of goods and services through a mobile device or other handheld wireless device. Mobile commerce is rapidly growing daily. The fact that it is growing brings up many issues for Mobile Commerce. Before I begin the actual detailed information I would like to discuss some history on mobile commerce. M-commerce was reportedly born in 1997 when the first two mobile phone-enabled Coke vending machines accepted information for payment via mobile text messages (Lee,2015). Mobile commerce has no age limit, ranging from elder people to teenagers. It is more simply defined as any direct or indirect transaction through any handheld device. One of the major M-Commerce sites in the world is Amazon. Amazon is the perfect site for any of your needs. They have great customer service as well as the usability of the site is awesome. Mobile Devices What are Mobile Devices to begin? A mobile device is one that is used to be connected to mobile services. Current wireless devices include: Wireless phones, tablet computers, laptop computers (Tarasewich, Nickerson, &Warkentin, 2002). Mobile devices are very popular around the world, everyone of every age owns one. There are different types of mobile phone and mobile phone carriers for competition and for customer satisfaction. The competition of the mobile device world
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