Mobile Communication And The New Generation

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Introduction: From 1G (First Generation) to 3G (Third Generation) the way of mobile communication has changed drastically. The new generation is giving users a new way to communicate and access the services on the go. The ultimate aim of the latest generations is to provide better services to its users. The growth of mobile users over last few decades has increased significantly. From around 210 million users in 1995 to almost 1.6 million users in 2008 worldwide. Figure 1: Growth of mobile users from initial years till 2010. Initial advancement that were taken during the launch of GPRS (2.5G) i.e. users can use data services (e.g. internet access, MMS- Multimedia Message Service). As clearly shown in the figure above, the mobile internet subscribers also increased from almost zero to almost 800 million in 2008. Now the ever growing need of high mobile data services led to the new generation i.e. 4G (The Fourth Generation) of the mobile communication that tends to support all these applications. The figure shows the different generation of mobile communication system. 0G (Zero Generation) The history of telecommunication started which is known as 0G (Zero Generation). Initially there used to be a mobile operator that set up the call and there are only very few channels. 0G refers to pre cell phone mobile technology that some had in cars before the cell phones were invented. Modern cellular mobile telephony was preceded by mobile radio telephone systems. So the first

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