Mobile Communication Technology

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01. Introduction to Mobile Communication
Today mobile communication has become the backbone of the society. All the mobile system technologies have improved the way of living and it is one of the fastest growing communication medium in the world (Goldsmith, 2004). In 1960 Bell Laboratory was introduced the cellular concept, with the development of the newer concept and the better technology cellular phones getting more popular in worldwide (Mitra, 2009). According to the (GSMA, 2014) report mentioned that, at the end of the 2003 there were more than 1billion individual subscribers, that means under one in six people had subscribed to a mobile service . By the end of the 2013 the number of mobile phone subscribers has doubled, there were
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In 2013 4G connections increased 3% of the global total connections and the year 2020 it will be increase to 2.3 billion connections in globally.

The following figure represents the global mobile broadband technology market share in 2013 and the predicted growth of the mobile subscribers in 2018.

With the increase of the mobile broadband connection global smart phone growth get increase 22% at the end of the 2013 it is nearly 1.3 billion smart phones. According to the (4G americas, 2014) at the mid year of the 2013 one of the every five people in the worldwide owned a smart phone and one of the every 17 people in the world used a tablet.

By the end of the 2017 non smart phones will be get stable by 50.3% smart phones will be increase 27.4% users in world wide, machine-to-machine (“M2M”) will increase 16.5 and Laptops and Tablets will be increase by small present (2.6% and 2.3) (4G americas, 2014)
03. Development of Mobile Applications
With the rapid growth of the mobile Internet and the mass market of the mobile platform like smartphone, tablets and the laptops create the anytime /anywhere computing and help to increase popularity of mobile Internet applications (Raychaudhuri & Mandayam, 2012).
According to the (Nielsen , 2014) Smart phones owners spend 86% of their time using mobile apps and 14% time using to mobile web searching. Therefor they spend 34 Hrs.17 minutes for web browsing and mobile applications, 5Hrs. 48
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