Mobile Computing And Social Networks

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Abstract In this term paper will talk about Mobile Computing and Social Networks and how they totally work. It will assess the strength and efficiency, mobile-based applications provide to capture geolocation data and customer information, and quickly upload to a processing server without users having to employ a desktop system. It will evaluate the benefits realized by consumers because of the ability to gain access to their own data via mobile applications. It will analyze the challenges of evolving applications that run on mobile devices because of the small screen size. It will identify the methods that can be applied to decide which platform to support, I. e., iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or Android. It will also talk about Mobile…show more content…
(ISACA, 2011) Individual is able to pull up a location on their smartphone without having to use the computer to go to MapQuest or Google Maps to get direction to where that individual needs to go . The users would normally pull up the directions through MapQuest, or the other Apps on their computer desktop to print the direction out, however, these days there is no needs for print out the direction with the smartphone can estimate the individual exact location. Geolocation data can reveal significant information about people spend time with and to view of their social network. The smartphone has produced a huge increase in uniquely identifiable data can be used for tracking anyone in the individual social network. A constant stream of geolocation by a person gathers data through the mobile carriers. This information is generated from cellular triangulation, geolocated IP address, and GPS units can send down to 10 meter accuracy. (Gross, B. 2011) Geolocation mobile based is a perfect for locating the nearest shopping mall, or bookstores, where the mobile phone is able to travel with the individual. The desktop system is bound to a place of business, or home. And the data is not able to be changed as the individual changes their location same
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