Mobile Computing Devices For Capturing Health Data

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Full Paper Title Name University Introduction In mobile computing, micro sensors are utilized for capturing health data, as they are small size intelligent devices that use works on low power consumption. Secondly, wrist devices are also used for monitoring health data by integrating sensors, electronic circuits, display and a wireless carrier - all integrated in a small portable device that will be suitable for healthcare environments. Thirdly, the health care cloths are flexible and can be equipped with the body, as they are stitched from textile technologies, such as fibers equipped with electronic and optical components. Lastly, health smart homes are utilized instead of separate medical facilities, resulting in significant cost savings. All these technologies are equipped with wireless communication devices that will deliver value, convenience, quality health care and a better life for the patients. Hence mobile computing devices enable and facilitate caregivers and health care cooperative roles instant access to patient information on a common platform or knowledge base regardless of geographical location. Negatives aspects include radiation from microwave signals that are used as a communication carries for these devices, sensors and digital circuits. Secondly, there is always a risk of personal medical information being exposed to unauthorized persons, such as hackers or cyber criminals. Hu, Jiang, & Xiao (2008) conducted a research on Low-cost wireless sensor
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