Mobile Computing and Social Networks

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

CIS 500

Mobile based applications are compact software programs that perform specific tasks for the mobile user. There are two types of mobile apps:
“The native app must be installed on the device; they either arrive pre-installed on the phone – these might include address book, calendar, calculator, games, maps and Web browser – or they can be downloaded from for free or a small fee from Web sites – today these sites are called app stores. Native apps are either written specifically for a type of handset – as many iPhone applications have been – so they can take more advantage of a phone’s functions, or as Java applications – this was the norm with download apps until recently – to run on
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To help with this mobile devices offer a variety of browsers with different levels of support to be able to curb some of the issues that rise with the browser.
I think the platform to support would ultimately depend on the user’s needs. It will have to be decided what is needed and required by the user. There are several factors that should be considered when deciding what platform to use. Some of these factors could be operation speed, camera size and pixel use. Some users would use it for work and some would use it for personal use that would be a determining factor also.

The choice would ultimately be android verses iphone. iPhone is has a distinctive set of software called IOS. The iPhone and apple still remains firm in its ability to create the best possible experience for its customers which is the reason why the iphone is so polished. With the last introduction of the iPhone apple introduced its retina display technology and it is the most pixel rich display on a phone to this day. Another apple exclusive is apples facetime app which facilitates seamless video chatting between apple devices.
The opposite choice would be Android. A unique advantage to android is its partnership with Google. Android’s version of google maps offers some unique and extremely useful features that are attractive to a consumer such as google maps, and google gps which is a turn by turn navigation system. Android has a much more flexible operating system if there is
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