Mobile Device Fraud And Its Effect On The Security Standards

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Fraud over the years has picked up over the years with the increasing in technology. One the areas that have increased in fraud over the years is Mobile devices. I currently work for Sprint Fraud Management where we deal with fraudulent issue on a daily basis. Fraudster will steal people’s personal information and open up accounts. Fraudster will also get a hold of customer’s security info and will add phone lines to their account. Working in the Fraud department I can agree first hand that mobile device companies need to change their security standards to help in decreasing fraud in the United States. The question that we have to ask ourselves is mobile device fraud? According to explains…show more content…
When it comes to security measures at stores, Sprint will have the customer come up with a pin number and a security question. When the customer enters the store, the sales rep will ask for the account number and then ask for the security pin, if the customer does not know what their security pin they will be asked a security question that they would have come up with when the customer opened the account. Once the customer gives there security info the sales rep is able to access the account. Now some times the customer will forgot both their pin and security question. The customer will then show there idea and a manager will be able to bypass the password and get access to the account. Having these security standards in place in the stores and when the customer calls customer services helps the customer in securing the customer’s account. One of the good things about this policy is that an employee cannot have access to the account without the customer security info. The issue that we have with this policy is customers who write down there pin and account number, or somebody overhears what the security info is. These are some of the issue that we have with this policy in place. With the age of the internet we have some customers who don’t want to go to a store and wait to pick up phone, they rather call the customer service line, or go to the websites of the mobile companies and open up an account that way. When a customer calls the customer
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