Mobile Device Is The Biggest Concern With Security Breaches Or Risks? Essay

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1. It has been said that a smartphone is a microcomputer in your hand. Discuss the security implications of this statement. Through technology, cell phones now can function in the same manner that computers can. In essence, the term smartphone would imply that the mobile device has similar software that a computer does and can function as such. From its speed to its capabilities or applications such as being able to process spreadsheets, word documents, connecting to the internet, sending and receiving emails and Wi-Fi connections. Also, with one click, one can print due to a wireless connection from a mobile device. However, since the smartphone has similar capabilities that a computer does, there are security risks. One wouldn’t expect smartphones to have security breaches or risks. According to some consumers, the manufactures and carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, are expected to protect them from malware and keep the networks clean (Laudon, 2014). Apps are the biggest concern with security breaches, with companies like Apple, Google, and BlackBerry that offer over 1.25 million of them (Laudon, 2014). Phishing among mobile users is one major problem because different scams will lure them to phony Websites where they reveal personal data. This is easily done on a mobile device because the screen is smaller than a PC and the formatting makes fraud more difficult to detect (Laudon, 2014). This kind of vulnerability allows malicious applications to enable attackers

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