Mobile Device Security And Other Threats

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Mobile Device Security and Other Threats Darryl Gennie Dr. Bouaffo Kouame Augusta CIS 502 28 February 2016 Strayer University Security threats have not only grown and matured quickly, but the people behind these threats have become more creative in disguising and hiding their work. These criminals have become more adept at eluding their identification and are now relying on cryptography. Some of the more frequent used threats were listed in the Security Threat Report 2014 such as botnets, android malware, attacks on Linux platforms and Mac OS X, web-based malware, targeted threats to your financial accounts, unpatched windows systems and re-invented spam (Sophos, 2014). These items are dangerous and can destroy companies and their employees. The more complex these threats get, the harder it is to protect or prepare to defend against them. A botnet is a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owner’s knowledge. Criminals distribute malicious software that can turn your computer into a “bot”. When this occurs, your computer can perform automated tasked over the Internet without your knowledge. This type of malware is typically used to infect large numbers of computers. Eliminating threats is impossible, so protecting against them without disrupting business innovation and growth is a top management issue (Kaplan, Sharma & Weinberg, 2014). The internet is a global system of computers and
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