Mobile Devices And Its Impact On The Business Process

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In the current corporate environment, mobile devices such as mobile phones and tables have a great impact on the business process of companies and how employees can perform and fulfil everyday tasks. Companies are adopting the BYOD (bring your own device) policy for management of these devices. To protect sensitive data, employees, and customer, companies must have a policy in place to enable an effective and secure use of these devices. Using mobile devices without having a clear policy and without defining the company’s valuable assets that need protection is bad business and opens up unnecessary risk.
This document provides policies, standards, and rules to establish the criteria governing the authorized use of
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In the case of the latter the relevant line managers and where appropriate legal services shall accept responsibility. These requirements and the security policies originated from them and the execution of provisions also apply to all suppliers and contractors of ALOTAIBI BUSINESS CONSULTING. They shall be contractually forced to comply to all security policies and rules. If a contractual partner is not willing to comply to the provisions, he must be bound in writing to accept any subsequent damages.
Policy statement:
Employees may use accepted personal or company owned mobile devices to access the approved Corporate wireless network and the Company’s system as necessary in the course of their usual business routines in support of the Company 's goals and objectives.
User responsibility:
Employees and other users agrees to adhere to the general code of conduct that acknowledges the necessity to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data that is stored on, or accessed using, a mobile device. This code of conduct includes but is not limited to:
♣ Ensure the physical security of the device.
♣ preserve the software configuration of the device.
♣ Preclude the storage of the company 's sensitive data in unapproved applications on the mobile device.
♣ Ensure the device’s security controls are not threatened by security software changes, jailbreaks, hacks, and/or security setting changes.
♣ Report a stolen or lost mobile device
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