Mobile Devices And Their Effects On Sleep And Health Problems

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What used to be newspapers, magazines, radios, and home computers can all be found in today’s modern mobile devices. These mobile devices vary from smartphones to tablets and even laptops. People are connected to the world no matter where they are, that is as long as they have signal on their devices. By just pressing a few buttons, one can have all of the top news stories from that day or even be “facetiming” someone all the way across the world. These are great progressions in creating a more connected world, but what effects is it having further below the surface? People may be forming an addiction to their phones and not even know it. Addiction to their cellphone and social media, laziness, lack of face-to-face sociability, detrimental effects on sleep and health problems, distracted driving, cyberbullying, and effects on family relationships and friendships are things phones may be negatively effecting everyday lives. People all over the world can be considered addicted to their phone. Over two-thirds of Americans today own a smart phone and that number is only on the rise. All around the country no matter where they are at, people can be seen on their phones whether that be in restaurants, sporting events, or even at work. It is safe to say people have formed emotional bonds with their phones. For example, when a person loses their phone they panic as if they lost their kid at Walmart. The panic does not come from the fear of having to buy another phone or how much a…
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