Mobile Devices Security

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Mobile Devices Security The importance of mobile phones both to individuals and corporate organizations can never be underestimated. These devices are put to different uses that would have been almost impossible without them. Innovation is the order of the day when it comes to mobile phones as designers seek to meet the different needs of customers in the market. Yet these devices come with great risks particularly when it comes to corporate data that may be stored in them. The range of security threats that face mobile phones is as a result of several vulnerabilities found commonly in the devices. The vulnerabilities are partly the result of poor technical controls and partly poor user security practices. Besides basic user requirements, other security challenges facing companies with regard to the use of mobile phones include business to business spaces; business to customer spaces and business to employees as these devices are different from the common desktop classic environments. Relevant federal agencies and private companies have tried to take necessary steps to promote security among the use of this devices which includes making certain control applications available for users to utilize when they wish and disseminating information about required mobile security behaviors (Metting, 2013). However, security control systems are not often implemented consistently and it remains unclear whether mobile phone users even understand the necessity of
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