Mobile, Global, And Virtual Business Environment

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No other industry touches as many technology-related business sectors as telecommunications, which, by definition, encompasses not only the traditional areas of local and long-distance telephone service, but also advanced technology-based services including wireless communications, the Internet, fiber-optics and satellites. In today 's fast-paced mobile, global, and virtual business environment means that business leaders must change their approach to daily operational issues, new business opportunities, and local, regional, and global uncertainties. Telecom companies must gain a deep understanding of customer attitudes, behaviors and actions. This is essential to improving customer acquisition and retention. Verizon focuses on customer service and customer value while driving their future growth. Verizon is not just another wireless provider they are also offer business solutions via their wireline business. Wireline handles Small Business, Medium & Enterprise, and Government customers. This side serves as providers from your neighborhood restaurant to IBM to the federal government. These services include managed security, television, voice and data, internet, and cloud services resulting in over $16 billion in revenue in 2015 ("Verizon Annual Report Downloads 2015," 2016). Verizon is considering three customer growth strategies that increase business-to-business (B2B) relations and increase revenue. (1) Migrate from legacy systems to new created platform. (2) Growing
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