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Mobile learning in the 21st century: benefit for learners Abstract
As the quantity of information available increases exponentially and the general pace of life accelerates, the ability to navigate, access, validate and share information will be a pivotal skill in an increasingly complex environment. This skill will affect every part of a person’s existence, including everything from their ability to remain competitive in the workplace, to their ability to make personal choices about holidays, social activities and personal development projects. This article proposes four fundamental learning advantages that are gained more easily, or to a greater degree, through the use of mLearning than through traditional face to face instruction,
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The salesman on the way to meet a client, the worker sitting on public transport, the emergency services personnel on the street and the list of examples goes on. But how much would modern society actually use this facility if it were available? The increased requirement to undertake personal learning to maintain a competitive advantage in the global economy (Falk & Dierking 2002) has resulted in the average adult spending 15 hours per week conducting deliberate personal learning. Considering those 15 hours per week are not conducted at regular times or in regular places (Sharples 2003), the potential use is considerable. That potential is likely to increase as the information age accelerates. People will need to be able access information faster and more effectively if they are to increase their employability, business success, personal fulfilment and social development (Lowey, 2003). mLearning provides people with the opportunity to access information where it would previously have been impossible. This access advantage is not limited to time and location. The devices required to access mobile networks are relatively inexpensive compared to desktop or laptop computers (Savill-Smith & Kent 2003). This reduced expense can make access to this learning available to people who otherwise could not afford it. Extensible Markup Language (XML) in the future could (if not XML then

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