Mobile Market in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts The outstanding success of the mobile market, however, has been achieved in a Bangladesh that continues to struggle with its lowly economic status, its frequent natural disasters such cyclones and floods and the slow implementation of much-needed economic reforms. This state of affairs is reflected in the fixed-line segment of the local telecom market which remains stagnant with a teledensity of less than 1%, the lowest in South Asia. With almost 99% of homes lacking a telephone and with a substantial waiting list for fixed-line services, the country is still struggling with some of the most underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure in the world. Interestingly, about 80% of…show more content…
This was preceded by a significant three-year period in which the country saw mobile subscriber numbers more than treble as the market expanded rapidly. The well-known investment bank, Morgan Stanley, anticipates an expansion to 40 percent mobile phone penetration in the country within a few years. By 2015, Bangladesh will witness an even greater growth of penetration -- it is estimated to be around 50 mobile sets per 100 inhabitants. An increasing number of mobile phone operators are showing eagerness to invest in the Bangladesh market, which demonstrates the country 's huge potential in mobile phone growth for many years to come. • Grameenphone was far and away the leading mobile operator, claiming around 21 million subscribers, or 47% of the total mobile subscriber base, as at mid-2009, despite the best commercial efforts of its five competitors. • Internet penetration remains low (0.4%
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