Mobile Marketing

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What is differentiated about this current generation of developments is the support for mobility-based applications at the operating system level, including Apple's iOS, Google Android and many others (Pelau, Zegreanu, 2010). This operating system-level focus is also allowing developers to create a much greater level of precision in how they define collaboration, communication and commerce across customers globally. While there are groups that oppose the technologies of location-based tracking on the premise that is violates a person's privacy, the latest advances at the operating system level allow for those using these devices to toggle off the tracking features of their phones (Valentino-DeVries, Steel, 2010). The many problems that Facebook has faced due to not dealing with this issue have become a cautionary tale for operating system developers.
The continual evolution of technologies aimed at creating a more effective location-based technology platform that would allow for customized messaging and highly personalized advertisements is gaining momentum. The techniques originally developed for creating location-aware smartphones and mobile devices also support a series of…
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