Mobile Music Case Analysis

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1. In your opinion, what are the top 3-5 issues with Mobile Music's company governance? * Mobile Music lacks of strategy that aligns with corporate goals. * There were no policies that defines how the senior management will have oversight on strategic initiatives of the company * MobileMusic is focused on short-term results at the expense of making the investment necessary to position the company for long-term success. * There were no policies and guidelines on who makes the decisions and at what levels. * There are no monitoring systems that measure the effectiveness of the company investments. · Write a paragraph on the current situation of the company MobileMusic was the first to market travel…show more content…
Secondly, because change management is occurring on the regional level instead of the corporate level, there is differing technologies, processes, and management styles which leads to a growing sense of frustration. Due to lack of IT Governance framework the company was not able to: 1. Set the priorities accurately for IT investments 2. Effectively deploy IT staff at various data centers and at service desks 3. Significantly reduce costs 3. What are the key 3-5 IT governance issues? * MobileMusic lacked governance structure that decides on what decisions to be made to make IT more effective. * Lack of setting priorities in making IT investment decisions. * Mobile Music lacks of IT strategy that aligns with the corporate goals. * There is no clear delegation of authority to make IT decisions. What is the relationship of IT to the rest of the organization? The role played by the IT in the company to the rest of the organization is reactive to business conditions rather than a proactive approach. IT has been busy establishing several IT processes, policies, and projects in order to catch up with current demand from customers, and has been relying on the “diving catch” approach of finishing things at the very last minute. · What is MobileMusic’s current operating model? Currently, MobileMusic is operating on a “Coordination” operating model. The seven data centers are integrated with the
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