Mobile Networks And Multi Hop Communication

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1.1 Overview
In ad-hoc wireless network, mobile nodes are connected by wireless links. The network is an autonomous and self-configured. It doesn’t have fixed infrastructure or centralized management. The mobile nodes in network are free to move from one place to another. Each node has transmitter and receiver which is used to send and receives the data and communicates with other nodes which are in their communication range. If any node wants to forward packet to the node which is out of range, co-operation of other nodes required; this is known as multi-hop communication. In multi-hop communication message send and received by various intermediate nodes. The network topology frequently changes due to the mobility of nodes as they move within, move into, or move out of the network. In recent years, the ad-hoc wireless network rapidly increases being used in various applications i.e. military purpose, civilian and commercial uses without the fixed infrastructure and human interference.

Security is also prime concern in wireless network. Intrusion is one of them. So to find intrusion, activity should be monitored. Intrusion Detection is a process of monitoring activity of system. The system can be computer or network system. Intrusion Detection System is a mechanism which detects intrusion. IDS is gathered the information of activity, analyze it and determine whether it violate any security rules . Once Intrusion detection system (IDS) determines that an unusual…
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