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Mobile payments in Asia Pacific i n f o r m at i o n , c o m m u n i c at i o n s & e nt e rta i n m e nt Mobile payments in Asia Pacific  Contents 2 Introduction from Sean Choi and David Collins 3 Introduction from John Ure and Peter Lovelock 4 Introduction 6 Business models and the m-payments value chain – Business models behind different transaction types – Emerging business models by country – Industry perspectives on m-payments 22 Case studies – Smart in the Philippines – Yeepay’s B2B approach – The growing reach of Octopus – Gaming and virtual money – A view from the bottom of the pyramid – mHITs in Australia 29 Regulations and standards 40 Risks and…show more content…
The rapid changes taking place in emerging markets, combined with the fact that existing fixed line networks are often underdeveloped, offer persuasive reasons to believe that systems will be developed that can facilitate wealth creation and genuinely transform people’s lives in the poorest parts of the region. Ultimately, the evolution of mobile payments systems has the potential to allow global organisations to access a far wider market, including people in previously hard-to-access locations. The caveat is, of course, that issues of trust, security and affordability also need to be overcome. This report explores the recent developments in the context of these significant challenges. Mobile payments are necessitating new forms of interaction between telecoms companies, financial institutions, software and content providers. As in any supply chain, it is important to understand the processes and security capabilities of other parties in the relationship. It is even more important when potentially sensitive or personal information is flowing between these parties. Ultimately, the adoption of mobile payments will therefore depend on, and be driven by, consumer confidence. In this respect, all of the participants within each respective business model needs to share some responsibility for its successful adoption. seung Hwan (sean) choi Regional Head Information, Communications & Entertainment KPMG in Korea
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