Mobile Payments Are Becoming An Upcoming New Trend

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Chan, Kendra
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Wireless Payment – Wallet Share
December 1, 2014

Mobile payments are becoming an upcoming new trend when it comes to technology. Mobile payments allow its users to pay for their daily needs with their phone without having to carry cash, let alone, their wallets around. However, the United States has been delaying the adaptation of mobile payments due to the fact that many different retailers have developed their own form of mobile payments as opposed to a universal approach. While many countries in Europe and Asia have successfully adopted mobile payments, United States still are behind in the trend.


As technology grows, so do the consumers. Consumers rely so much on easy shopping and simplified checking out possibilities that application developers have started to develop more mobile payment applications. These mobile payments are the technology of the future and yet the United States is still lagging behind in the rush to simplify shopping from a plastic card to a mobile app. However, with such developers from Apple and Google, there are applications where the mobile phone can stand as a wallet, but retailors do not necessarily choose a universal application to use. With Apple Pay and Google Wallet actively used, many retailors have opted to convert their merchandise to be payable with such applications .

George and his Wallet:

George could not ditch his wallet due to the
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