Mobile Phone Addiction

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The problem of mobile phone addiction (1010words) Nomophobia, the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The phrase was coined by a U.K. study commissioned by SecurEnvoy as an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia. According to an article, 77% of the 18-24 age group revealed nomophobia. If a person doesn’t have his or her cell phone, and feels uncomfortable trying to respond to real life situations without it, experts warn this is addiction. In Hong Kong, it is not hard to find teenagers using their phones. Traveling on vehicles, having lunch in restaurants, you can see youths using their phones wherever and whenever their hands are free. They cannot refrain from using mobile phones, many of them even use their mobile in class…show more content…
Secondary schools could forbid students to use mobile phones in the school campus, otherwise will receive a warning. Students are forced to change their habits under this penalty system. This solution is only applicable in secondary school, but not university. As university is the study of adulthood, advocating freedom and rights, so they cannot use this one-way communication and treat the university students like children. However, students may use their phones secretly, under the table or in the toilet. Teachers cannot monitor the students everywhere and every second. They have many things to do in class, such as giving out notes to students, and writing important words onto the blackboard. So, this may not be an effective way to solve the problem. The best solution is that the schools add a compulsory course related to mobile phone use. Firstly, the course may show an analysis about the reasons why teens are holding their phones all the times, and the ways to correct their bad habit pinpointing to the reasons. For example, self-esteem is one of the reasons of the addiction-like behavior. Some teens think that receiving a phone call or a text message implies that ‘somebody wants me’. It boosts the receivers’ self esteem and self worth. Then, the school may need to think of a solution to this reason, may be to boost the teens’ self-esteem in another way. Aside from that, the course may also include the bad

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